TGC_Au Liturgy believed is liturgy enacted, and liturgy is believed every time it is enacted.
TGC_Au Human destiny is to represent God, essential to understanding our dignity & fallenness.
TGC_Au A common mistake we make when talking to Muslims about Jesus' divinity is to start at Jesus.
TGC_Au We are busy pursuing a community that feeds back to us our own views about the world.
TGC_Au Sonship is a central category not only for redemption but also for creation & new creation.
TGC_Au We are at our core, worshipers; shaped more by what we want than by what we know.
TGC_Au If we want to explain Jesus' divinity to a Muslim, start with what it means to be human.
TGC_Au That’s the problem with terrorism: it’s effective, random, unpredictable - it's terrifying.
TGC_Au The image of God is one of the most contested theological concepts in Christian history.
TGC_Au Jesus doesn't simply offer an alternative to humanity. He repairs & overhauls it in himself.
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