TGC_Au Which ten books would Gary Millar take to a desert island?
TGC_Au If we have any compassion for people made in the image of God, our first response must be some form of empathy.
TGC_Au "And the people of Israel again did what was evil in the sigh of the LORD".
TGC_Au Which book on the Old Testament would Gary Millar encourage everyone to read?
TGC_Au From the Delphic hamlet that is The Australian, Greg Sheridan has given Australian Churches an oracle.
TGC_Au What books are currently on Gary Millar's bedside table?
TGC_Au TGCA Bible Talks: Andrew Reid on The Birth of Samson (Judges 13:1-25).
TGC_Au Everybody appears to claim that nobody is listening, nobody cares.
TGC_Au Churches have never belonged comfortably at the centre of Australian society.
TGC_Au The thing you really want people to hear, that’s the thing to say first.
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