TGC_Au What is their vision of the good life? What goods do they prioritize as most important?
TGC_Au What books are currently on Tony Payne's bedside table?
TGC_Au Godliness of the heart limits theological acumen, rather than theological prowess driving godliness.
TGC_Au TGCA Bible Talks: Guy Mason on Mark 4.
TGC_Au According to Tony Payne, what's the best book Matthias Media has ever published?
TGC_Au A person’s core desires are a better predictor of the consistency of their walk than their orthodoxy.
TGC_Au Specialisation, as I have already said, is a good servant, but a bad master.
TGC_Au The modern literary novel is an attempt to render a world, to explain how things really are, who we really are.
TGC_Au This Biblical picture is so much richer than getting into heaven when you die.
TGC_Au Our communication, although monologue in form, should be a dialogue in content.
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