TGC_Au You showed me kindness when I was blind to your goodness.
TGC_Au RT @DarrylEyb: Want to know how to pray for an unbeliever to find faith in Jesus? Here's a beautiful prayer that may help.
TGC_Au Take comfort and refuse to be intimidated by ethnic diversity when preaching the gospel.
TGC_Au Repentance might be more attractive if it were in some kind of binary code.
TGC_Au It's about how we become the people that God created us to be.
TGC_Au I dislike repenting because it is so untidy. I'm bewildered at the complexity of how I have sinned and against whom.
TGC_Au Vale Baptist Statesman Dr Noel Vose (1921-2016) "He wasn’t simply diplomatic—he was curious"
TGC_Au I know that your desire is that all people be saved that none perish.
TGC_Au I know you to be a lover of the prodigal and a welcomer to the lost.
TGC_Au All of us have a hidden agenda – we don't trust God and we don't want to admit our guilt.
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